About Us

The Local Market & Deli

Owners Dan Duffy and Chef Denis O’Connor welcome you to the Cracked Olive Market. 

We offer a specialty Mediterranean menu, as well as the comfort foods you’ve enjoyed all your life. 
We have a passion for cuisine of the Mediterranean region, where each country offers a unique flavor and cooking technique, which Chef Denis has spent his career mastering.

Our atmosphere is light, fun and energetic, but we are very serious about our customers experience. 
We strive to provide the highest level of service whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch, or working with our catering staff to plan a menu for your special occasion. We look forward to making your dining experience at the Cracked Olive Market a pleasurable one. 

“Healthy Meals for Busy People”
This is our passion and our purpose. We understand how hectic life can be and sadly, healthy meals and family time at the dinner table are often sacrificed for on-the-go, convenient eating – leading to poor diets. Our goal is to provide fast, top quality and nutritious meals that offer balanced and convenient choices for today’s busy families. We have complete menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner to accommodate you throughout the day. 

We are centrally located in the vibrant community of Holmdel, New Jersey. 
We offer ample off-street parking and convenient access from Rt. 520/Newman Springs Road

Our Story

Dan Duffy | Owner

Dan Duffy earned his BBA degree in Marketing from James Madison University. 
After graduating he traveled across the country, where he settled in Southern California to work in high-end retail. 
For the past 15 years, in his free time, Dan continued to travel the world, where he developed a passion for regional cuisine. It was the culture of using ingredients grown locally, seasoning dishes with fresh herbs and spices (instead of butter and salt), and the overall healthy lifestyle of the Mediterranean region that he just couldn’t get enough of. It was this passion and the experience of his cousin, Chef Denis, which lead them to launch the Cracked Olive Market, so they may share this “food culture” with everyone on this side of the pond.

Chef Denis O’Connor | Owner, 

For over 20 years Chef Denis has been honing his culinary talents alongside some of the best known and successful Chefs. After earning his culinary credentials at New York Institute of Technology in Westbury, New York, he trained in some of the best kitchens in New York City. He was selected to move to France and work with Chef David Couchaux at Cafe’ Foie, the popular upscale French bistro. At this time Chef Denis began to study the versatility of Mediterranean cuisine. After returning stateside, Chef Denis continued to strengthened his deep knowledge of this fare as well as his kitchen skills working with some of New York’s famed chefs including Charlie Palmer, Terrance Brennan and David Bouley. He continues to study and flourish through incorporating his culinary training with fresh, local, healthy ingredients from sustainable farms and creating nutritious meals that are easily accessible and affordable for today’s busy families.

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